Spanish interim foreign minister explains his Brexit strategy

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19th October 2016
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19th October 2016

THE Spanish interim foreign minister Jose Margallo visited Algeciras on Tuesday October 18, ostensibly to discuss matters of financial interest to the various Spanish communities in the Campo de Gibraltar but in reality it was a good excuse to promote his view for Gibraltar following the British exit from the European Union.

He explained that he was actually a charming man but did tend to be upset when his reasonable appeal to the people of Gibraltar was rejected so strongly especially as what he was suggesting would make life so much better for those on both sides of the border.

Mr Margallo insisted that his proposal for joint sovereignty between Britain and Spain would ensure that Gibraltar would continue to have access to the single market and that Gibraltar could continue to govern itself in all matter except defence, foreign policy, the frontier and immigration which would be shared equally between Britain and Spain.

Conversely, it was also made clear that if Gibraltar ignored his offer, then in the event that Britain leaves the EU, free movement across the border would automatically cease and that he personally would ensure that Spanish government policy would always favour the Spanish claim for the Rock.

In the meantime, chief minister Fabian Picardo was in Seville to appear in two TV news programmes and also to meet with the two main trade unions in Spain, UGT and Comisiones Obreras, both of which had expressed concern about the situation with regards to those who live across the border and work in Gibraltar.

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