Currency Exchange

Smart Currency Exchange offer peace of mind when you are buying or selling a property, or other asset, in Spain.  The exchange rate is an unstable factor over which you have no control. A change of just 1% in the pound/euro rate alters the price of a €150,000 property by over £1,000.


Between putting down a deposit on a home overseas and paying the balance, the exchange rate can change by 5, 10, even 20%, making the price in pounds perhaps tens of thousands more expensive. Could you afford that?


You don’t have to take that chance. Speak to Smart Currency Exchange as soon as possible in your property search or move abroad.


Registering for an account takes just a few minutes and enables us to discuss a currency strategy that will work for you. Many of our clients opt for a “forward contract” that sets today’s exchange rate for up to a year, offering you total peace of mind that your budget won’t be wrecked.


Once you own a property in Spain, you may need be interested in a Regular Payments Plan, fixed with a forward currency.  This can help ensure you know what your overseas bills will cost.

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